this week i

published on women's coverage, access, affordability, sexual, reproductive health in 2017.

text-mined all day sunday, code here.  the language hasn't changed much since the start of record-keeping, from a bird's eye view at least.

watched a short authoritative summary of map projection flaws.

walked in breezy mid-march while the city still hovers near perfect weather.  dude had a grill and some chicken [poulet] so i gave him $1.80 and he asked me some questions i could not understand.  "je nau parle pa la francessa.  je suis americain"  more [unintelligible, french] then flame on.  i've known ulisse since the twilight of the bush administration.  his brother ayo saw me on the street, came up to say hello, mostly with laughter.  laughricans.  knowing a local earned street cred with grillmaster, he was happy to cook me some chicken [poulet] because i belonged on that dusty sideroad at that sunset.  dakarois, nous etions.  charcoals finished their work, chicken [poulet] vendor started iterating through the condiments.  "pimant?" [pepper]  "oui, boku"  "mayonnaise?" [mayonnaise] "no, merci."  took my pouch of onion-marinated chicken [poulet] half a block to watch the kids playing soccer, sat down to pick out of the aluminum foil with my hands.  poulet vous couchez avec moi ce soir and then gelato for dessert.