this week i

confirmed that the wikipedia random article link doesn't over-weight articles with more pageviews.

wonder how long until humans evolve pockets.  hey, walking in on someone using an atm is a little like walking in on someone taking a shit.

learned huey long beat back a coup d'etat attempt.

watched whiskey tango foxtrot..

the thing is, i have a very serious boyfriend
alright well talk to me in two months when your pussy is eating your leg

i mean, even the dutch army don't wear orange

the russians are blacks now

hearts and minds.  two best places to shoot somebody

watched silence after reading the synopsis.  all for a christian burial.


(1) men buried alive

the state rules against parents touching their children serve no apparent purpose; that the government (in this case us attorney rudolph giuliani's deputies) spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to keep a mother from holding her baby seems particularly irrational and despicable

(2) corporate deniability

the industry didn't need to win this debate, its leaders realized; only to keep it going

(3) strangling the press in east africa

(4) assumptions and missed predictions

facebook's facial recognition software can pick you out of a crowd.  facebook also follows users across thee internet, disregarding their "do not track" settings as it stalks them.  it knows every time a user visits a website that has a facebook "like" button, for example, which most websites do

"your likes suggest you are single and not in a relationship."  why?  because i've liked the page for, an organization founded by the man with whom i've been in a relationship for thirty years!

(5) suffocating tibet

policemen dressed as monks

beijing's order no. 5, in force since 2007, "essentially prohibiting tibetan lamas from reincarnating without prior approval from the chinese government

(6) voice activation

a six-year-old girl in dallas covertly ordered herself a dollhouse from echo.  amazon, to her parents' surprise, delivered one costing $170, as well, mysteriously, as four pounds of sugar cookies.  then a tv report on that story in san diego caused other people's echos to order dollshouses of their own