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published on potential exemptions from medicaid work requirements.

wish they'd look beyond dinosaurs for these jurassic park sequels.  next film in the franchise ought to feature a far-future species that evolves on earth long after our own extinction, re-animates humanity against the advice of their scientists, and then humans do what we're best at: hunt in groups, conspire, rampage, open kitchen doors.  holocene safari

always thought the banana was the most suitable telephone replacement, but in the francophone world, it's the appel.

tap the mouse, wake the computer screen out of hibernation.  like the fonz at the jukebox.

look at this map, maybe five percent of the pixels within the united states' borders are the color of the railroads.  but in the united states itself, railroad tracks cover less than one tenth of one percent of the actual land surface area.  that's what makes it a map.