this week i

knocked on marcie's door halfway through a lazy sunday.  she offered what would have been my fifth cup of coffee, spiced chai already in the car.  we drove and gabbed, first a congested highway then rural roads.  "did all the things" would look fitting on a tombstone, we decided.  pulled into the grass parking lot, infowars bumper sticker on an opposing vehicle.  bridge over the river koi, and into the one room winery, pinotage please, wine tasting first, but spicy arugula pinotage please.  south african bartend kept us bubbling with easy smile and viticulture trivia.  "hey what's with the sign in gum springs virginia?" "the story goes dog chased deer onto neighbor's property and neighbor shot dog dead and sign was born"  we finished our cheeses, ordered bottles a la carte, lazed up state route 522 until culpepper at least.

ate and drank but sadly no thc.

listened to the podcast.

the ancrene wisse gave us the first english use of the word journey, which literally meant the distance that could be traveled in a day.  the key is the first part of the word, which meant day in french.  we can still see that in the french greeting bonjour, which literally means good day.  so journey meant a day's travel, and by the time it was used in the ancrene wisse, it had come to refer to the actual act of traveling and it was specifically used in the sense of a pilgrimage