this week i

flew north through quebec to china, but between barrow and prudhoe bay then over ontario home.  we reacquainted under guard of my grandmother's crucifix.  dime tigre.  northern michigan au pair since last winter, for children who mispronounce jama jama red pijama.  primera semana liberada para explorar, she had arrived christmas, tried every carbonated beverage, spit out the root beer.  that's medicina, really medicina.

i feel your heartbeat / your english is getting better / for some things

three times daily / it's not enough / any more and i will die / yes but you will die happy

name your child shakira in colombia and you go to the jail, even my name is illegal now / bajo del mar! bajo del mar! / pinzas pinzas

paraphrased nine pound hammer across the susquehanna.  and i get a little blue, yes i get a little blue