this week i

saw karen enter our statistics into the congressional record.

visited artechouse, paid twenty dollars for orange juice, wore their black shoe booties to muze at the mandarin oriental, restaurant to ourselves.

loafed. has anybody ever successfully thrown a boomerang?  a hurdle-model (binary on striking the target), and billiards in three dimensions

i would've guessed suriname was the poorest.  ever been?
i haven't been to those three countries
two.  two countries.

glided down fifteenth past meridian hill park, kicked mcdonalds bag in the bike lane expecting empty, two burgers two fries exploded out.  nasm for free solo imax, rock climbers sans amygdalae.  impressive geologic footage and well-told story, but crash and burn failed the bechdel test.  two silhouettes similar to marcie and david biked past, i followed them to union station, felt like the toddler who mistakenly grasps onto a strange adult's leg.  dolan for dinner, did not know buzkashi uses the body not the head

still depend on the alphabet corporation more than i should.