this week i

saw suzanne weekes at the national math festival, described one optimal solution to a traveling salesman problem as a pathology.  meta-esoteric

award tiger the most charismatic of the megafauna.  descended from a phylogenic tree branch with snow leopards, tigers have come out from the cold.  siberian tigers stayed in boreal forests of pacific russia, kept alive, near-frozen while their kin descended to tropical bengal, equatorial sumatra.  unique in transit: no evolution.  tigers are one species despite defending diverse climactic ranges.  tigers live in mangrove.  tigers live in tundra.  versatility of a desert crocodile or a river-riding sperm whale.  elephants are three species.  elephants live in tropical forest.  elephants live in tropical savannah.  bears are eight species.  bears live from tropic to pole, but bears are eight species.  tigers are one species.

watched michael shermer discuss pattern-seeking behavior burnt into our dna.

if you squint, you can still see the face.  and when you're squinting, what you're doing is you're turning that from fine-grain to coarse-grain and so you're reducing the quality of your data.  and if i didn't tell you what to look for, you'd still see the face because we're programmed by evolution to see faces.  faces are important for us socially