this week i

published a dozen facts about medicare advantage and new beneficiary behavior.

drove to lancaster, hiked all day.  across the susquehanna, old pinnacle road (a meadow), conestoga trail (east coast wagon namesake), tucquan glen.

whistle solo in 2019?  bold.

and with that, a yogurt empire was born

okay, so applied physics
no no no, experimental physics

 all i know is they had roombas twenty years ago, and all they still have is roombas

read about online threats and countermeasures..

facebook's like and share buttons and twitter's tweet buttons are used to track a user's online activities even if the user does not click them

session cookies are stored in a temporary location in the client browser and are removed when the user closes the web browser or logs out of the current session. such cookies are usually used to remember user shopping cart information or to store data between multiple pages.

canvas fingerprinting works by drawing an invisible image on the user's client browser.  once drawn on the client browser, the image will collect different technical information about the user's browser and os.  a hash is then created based on the collected information.  this enables online trackers to track user online activities across different websites based on this hash, which is unique for each user's client machine.

god bless dr. john, god bless wikipedia


(1) majoritarianism in south asia

in the discourse of hindu majoritarianism, all muslims and christians are ancestrally hindu

once the news of this latest atrocity recedes, the myanmar government will have reason to believe that its project of diminishing the presence of rohingya in rakhine is well underway.  sri lankan nativists who believe that the country's buddhists are bhumiputras (sons of the soil) and non-buddhists are mlecchas (inferior aliens) will take heart.  the bjp government in assam, where illegal bangladeshi immigration sparked violence in the past, will learn new lessons about the latitude given to perpetrators of ethnic cleansing, as long as it is conducted by "sons of the soil"

(2) computational currency

if you wanted to steal a bitcoin, you'd have to rewrite the coin's entire history on the blockchain in broad daylight

(3) the epidemic last century

donald trump's grandfather friedrich died from it in new york city.  he was 49.  his early death meant that his fortune passed to his son fred, who used it to start a manhattan property empire

the us lost more soldiers to flu than to the war in part because so many of them spent weeks coughing together in barracks and transports on their way to europe

the flu wasn't spanish at all.  the name stuck when in may 1918 the spanish king, the prime minister and his entire cabinet all came down with it.  in madrid, it was known as the naples soldier after a catchy tune then in circulation, while french military doctors called it disease 11.  in senegal it was brazilian flu; in brazil it was german flu.  poles called it the bolshevik disease and the persians though the british were responsible (spinner writes about its devastating effect on the city of mashed, where it probably arrived with a russian soldier from the north)

(4) the universality of war crimes

president nixon exclaimed repeatedly to a white house aide in november 1969, as the new york times headlines the my lai story, that "it's those dirty rotten jews from new york who are behind it"

(5) the volatility index

i don't worry about the effect of the speedometer on how fast my car's wheels turn or on how its engine runs.  you can't ignore it, though, in economic life