this week i

made the most of our pluripotent weekend, did i use that correctly?  howard filled the coffee cup in my outstretched hand as if we were the sistine chapel ceiling.  hillsboro voted to add ugh to its name, historical society director on duty recommended vinegar barbeque then vanilla custard.  native golf ball sized spiders, we set up a backporch twofan crossbreeze bug repellant forcefield for reading time.  how many seasons till they migrate north to maryland?  jordan lake families loafed by water's edge, we flirted with 60 mpg (not mph).  hybrids should add the engine noise the way they add the sulfur smell to natural gas.  after tacos, tortilla wafers, guac, we defeated four computers.  howard formed a great wall of terran to build battlecruisers, i mutabombed bases, sent storms of sacrificial zerglings.  at the faculty club, i read with the rest of the world in the water.