this week i

commence le francais.

comment vous vous appelez?

et toi?
et vous?

comment ca va?
comment tu va?
comment vous allez?
comment allez-vous?

comme ci, comme ca

ca va mal!

dunked each slice in chili honey.  marcie let me put too many jalapenos on my pizza pre-oven.  anchovies are pointless, ya'll

consider candice bergen stage-whispering that wallace shawn a hobbit the best scene of sex and the city.

found algorithm overreach in last week's post after recording fifteen seconds of the television in the living room.  google matched it to superbowl, blocked from streaming in the window due to copyright claims.  is this what shoshana zuboff warns us about?

watched blade runner, set in 2019 los angeles.  artificial humans, flying cars, aaaaand a telephone booth.  capillary dilation of the blush response

held the most recent spot for a moment.

passed saturday morning at the northern virginia plant symposium

about 45% of insect species have died since the 1970s.  in the 60s and 70s, you couldn't fill up your car with gas without cleaning your windshield

the ovenbird's nest looks like a leafy pizza oven

no mulch volcanoes