this week i

rank junko partner my favorite drug addict rotating between homelessness and jail song.  wiping with water everyone else's chief concern.  as the professor longhair big chief rumba mambo calypso call and response goes, find a levee burn it down, find a levee burn it down

filled out the census, five minutes.  marcie and david cooked mac and cheese, guessed after about ten of twenty questions.  new house already home

ate kenyan crab samosa before driving lessons before this before pakistani counter service

guess it makes sense the world's richest man would be best positioned to weather this storm.  shipment service delivers anything without human contact, newspaper designed to attract constant attention and broadcast life or death information, shuttle company to leave the planet

compiled some french

etre: to be
je suis
tu es
il/elle est
nous sommes
vous etes
ils/elles sont


je parle
tu parles
il/elle parle
nous parlons
vous parlez
ils/elles parlent

tu aimes
il/elle aime
nous aimons
vous aimez
ils/elles aiment

je mange
tu manges
il/elle mange
nous mangeons
vous mangez
ils/elles mangent

mango = mangue

je commence
tu commences
il/elle commence
nous commencons
vous commencez
ils/elles commencent

caca = kaakaa
çaça = saasaa

les articles indefinis
un, une, des

les articles definis
le, la, les, l'

l' precedes singular vowels and h


hot dog in canada: chien chaud

girlfriend in canada: ma blonde, not petite amie

boyfriend in canada: mon chum, not petit ami

words borrowed from english are masculine

plural doesn't always add an "s"

mon portable

un gomme = eraser