this week i

published on inpatient hospital cost sharing among the elderly.  curtis borked a roast.  train to busan, "kid, if you don't study, you'll end up like him"

live through the first pandemic that humans might win.  look through old photos and realize right now right now it is my turn to be alive

laid down two picnic blankets in the backyard, divvied up the spicy momos, and chatted.  never before in my life stood six feet from someone, outdoors and alone together, spoke "i would like to fuck you," heard the same from her, believed it, waved goodbye

understand there are teams of google employees and amazon employees in corporate offices, and they've both heard the recordings that our phones make automatically while listening for "aloha, cortana!" or whatever you're supposed to say.   instead of hearing the initiation phrase, our devices just pick up our heavy breathing.  there are corporate computer programmers who have heard us before during after.  and they're bored of it

found an elusive foxquirrel

recorded scenes from quarantine

tracked proxy economic measures