this week i

met matthew and david late morning toward seneca creek.  two cars, one kayak, one canoe, bad dog refused to sit, we paddled to an island in the potomac.  ruffles repeated jumps over the fallen tree while we played riverball, throwing from boat risks capsize.  afterwards i ate a baguette alone

admitted broccoli tastes good.  we watched anime before lolade gifted me a shirt.  here's my chuck schumer

wonder whether all step-sibling pornography derivative of the brady bunch

guess they're not as smart as those other dinosaurs that know how to open a doorknob

cannot fight every battle

read how to by randall munroe

the reason "buried treasure" is such a well-known trope is that captain kidd's story helped inspire robert louis stevenson's novel treasure island, which almost single-handedly created the modern image of the pirate (pirates do a lot of things single-handedly)

the simplest way across a river is just to ford it - which effectively just means pretending it's not there, continuing to walk, and hoping for the best

we're all trapped together at the bottom of this atmosphere

snow - which is really just fancy ice