this week i

rented a weekend cabin at sugarloaf mountain

grilled a meal in my ancestral home

learned the word secondment.  jay de will be res rep ideally in 2020

remember that your enemies and your opposition do not have free will either 

read bill barr's first bush administration lame duck memo: the case for more incarceration.  be at peace, this fight never ends

  • lots of easy-to-agree-with statements that don't prove the thesis
  • switches between criminals and violent criminals
  • fails to compare the cost of incarceration against the cost of educational investment
  • snuffs out the symptom with a sledgehammer rather than addressing the cause

 i don't know anyone that goes to prison on their first crime

  • i don't know anyone that goes to prison, because i'm part of the 85% of the country with an active role in the legal economy
  • 1992 uniform crime reports defined rape victims as female only