this week i

published on vaccination rates among elderly americans, among white-breasted nuthatches, tufted titmice, madame downy woodpecker de la glycine

stayed with ben et laura for my father's southern new jersey memorial

flamingoes aren't native to rehoboth

a pear is halfway between a glass of water and an orange

never seen a bong at goodwill

you're petting the cat like he's a dog

veterinarian:  friskies?  you might as well feed her mcdonalds

vinegar is the first stage of fermentation, so apple cider vinegar is from the early stages whereas hard cider is later in the process

"fiber: solution dried polyester" free sample squares from home depot make excellent hipster household coasters

you'll come back in ten years and that orchid will be alive

if a giant just picked me up, i guess i would start licking their hand

read italian renaissance but rembrandt my favorite.  the first human we know what he looks like

an illusion of depth

every well-educated gentlemen should know how to draw

semicircular apses

resting on a lofty drum upheld by pendentives

the drunkenness of noah, detail of the sistine chapel

the epileptic boy