this week i

updated our women's health insurance factsheet and our calculation of the privatized medicare market's share of medicare enrollees

rss subscribed to the oed's word of the daynarrative laundering deserves at least its own month.  did trotsky and lennon wear the same eyeglasses?

learned pelosi uses chrome.  covidfefe, i say.   maybe time for that i voted tattoo.  grooming overrated, look as thine creator intended

cleaned cobwebs.  as stress dissipates after death, more recent fights with infirmities overpower memories that built the original bond.  interrupt those thoughts!  balance good works given, with gratitude: consider acts of preciprocation in our shared days of health, plenty.  i phoned mom at pnas one elementary school day, asked for eight bits of hours of entertainment, she bought on her evening commute because unconditional love.  she scratched my back, tired, declined to keep scratching, but never refused to rest her palm on my spine till i fell fully asleep.  when i fell down stairs, dad renounced marijuana.  he exhausted my first decade chain-smoking on small planes to most every state capital, mailing momentary postcards.  so sails never wanted for wind

watched weeks five six seven of perry mehrling, the price of one brick of gold


the banker's business is managing inflows and outflows..ideally, in any given day, you're getting repaid by somebody and you use those very same notes to pay somebody else

the bagehot rule: lend freely, at a high rate, against good security


read in search of lake wobegon, a photojournal of the upper mississippi.  upon these snowmobiles, my children, blessings be

when it's your time to go, you go, and you can run two miles a day and eat bran flakes and no animal fats and all you do is make a slimmer corpse

i saw an old man walk out of the post office who reminded me of senator k. thorvaldson, a man in a brown porkpie hat and a pale blue polyester suit with a string tie with an agate on the clasp and wearing white shoes

 the superior glacier came through here about six million years ago, leaving sandy soil, which, had the moorhead glacier moved in faster from the west and beaten the superior glacier to the spot, would have been richer soil and the farmers would have been richer, too, but it didn't, and they aren't