this week i

updated our estimates of the poorest left behind by scotuscare

advocate children not be named until their first year.  therapy: the modern confessional.   serving divorce papers akin to losing bad marriage chicken

read about an arrest in 1955 houston

five officers in regular clothes obtained backstage access and burst into ella fitzgerald's dressing room with guns in hand.  in the corner, jacquet and gillespie played craps, while fitzgerald and henry drank coffee in between sets


read the thousand and second tale of scheherazade (a catalog of believe it or nots) then listed references missed from the raven

by his beard and the prophet

this politic damsel (who had been reading machiavelli beyond doubt)

a district abounding with vegetables that grew not upon any soil, but in the air


plutonian shores (underworld. as opposed to neptunian shores, just redundant)

pallas: athena, goddess of wisdom

laid out language families alongside writing systems.  first search result \ operator i'm feeling ducky

received a kiss emoji and a thumbs up emoji.  like prime number cicadas, now rare