this week i

found "why hadn't poor human eyesight selected out?" searches unsatisfying.  is a giraffe the original periscope?  the great war had the best hats

own roughly five hundred books, that's one book per week for the decade or one book per month till doom

receive ruffles selfies ad pawseam

hey revati, one argument against having an only child is anthony

what does zora think of all this

she's old enough to wonder why you're wearing a tie

 watched rashomon, a multiple-retelling of in a grove on the subjectivity of the truth

watched sunset boulevard, buster keaton plays pinochle

you're norma desmond, you used to be in silent pictures, you used to be big
i am big.  it's the pictures that got small
read the japanese photobook masterpiece ravens by masahisa fukase by torchlight, single-use tea candle, usb charging lamplight, corona coasters