this week i

rented creekside treehouse, tommy crocus bloom.  truck only to eat past eight, we stayed employed friday, built corrugated bonfire near bamboo, agreed exposed pipe a superior shower.  sheriff left post-its on window while at lancaster central market sampling the twin dental rinse cups of a passenger one and one.  no time for neighbor tandoor, nor cauliflower crust.  full of frosty fries, revised woody allen's chronicle of earl of sandwich


read scrimshaw by leslie linsley

add more engraved lines in areas where you will want a concentration of color.  if you engrave the lines close together, the color will appear darker.  do not paint the surface.  the color should only appear in the engraved lines

buff like mad

carol is british and began doing scrimshaw in england on a cow bone.  she told me that when she met dennis he told her about scrimshaw so she tried it on a cow bone.  she said that when she started it was most difficult to remove all the meat from the bone.  had she had her dog, luke, at the time, it would have been a lot easier, with luke providing most of the labor

raw umber or burnt sienna oil paint

"do you scrimshaw too?" i asked.  "nope, just scrimshelling"



listened to episode 132 of the history of english podcast

the foods essentially served as was thought that every single item of food had a fundamental nature..and when different foods were combined in a recipe, they had to be balanced so the dish wouldn't disturb the humors and make people sick.  so an ingredient that was deemed hot and moist had to be balanced with an ingredient that was deemed to be cold and dry..the physicians had to be consulted when formulating these recipes.  we can still see vestiges of this old idea if we look around us, and if we know what we're looking at.  today, if you go to a pharmacy or a drug store or a chemist's shop, you'll probably encounter the symbol, rx, which is a standard symbol for a medical prescription.  but what you might not realize is that rx is really an abbreviation, and it's an abbreviation of the word recipe..the word recipe was often abbreviated with the letters rc.  but instead of writing the c as a separate letter, it became common to write the c as a little stroke across the leg of the letter r, which made it look like the letter x

asked laura how lincoln's 1864 union opponents printed 10,000 flyersstone cold lithography, with crayons

watched on location with george carlin (1977) and complaints and grievances (2001)

get on the plane.  get on the plane.
fuck you!  i'm getting in the plane

i also like otto because otto is toot inside out

you can prick your finger, just don't finger your prick

here are some more people who deserve an inoperable tumor at the base of their spines

i'll bet you anything that ten times out of ten nicky, vinny, and tony will beat the shit out of todd, kyle, and tucker