this week i

fell photobomb victims thursday: eleanor underhill signed cds, played friend of the devil on banjo like guitar. robitussin seltzer, bbq meatballs
friday: palm up palm down dnd, takeout ten minutes before closing, ceiling tile constellations of our own making on sauce defense beach towels
saturday: brushed teeth after bourbon, five coffee bangs, bloody mary from first waiter in a year, pizza honey, pizzuchini, pizza gorgonzola, fini!
sunday: three accidents before asheville, cayenne latte detour, antique emporium, dinoworld deux, still thinking about the quilt, neon coat waits too


read a christmas carol

"at this festive season of the year, mr. scrooge," said the gentlemen, taking up a pen, "it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the poor and destitute, who suffer greatly at the present time.  many thousands are in want of common necessaries; hundreds of thousands are in want of common comforts, sir."

"are there no prisons?" asked scrooge

darkness is cheap

"you don't believe in me," observed the ghost.

"i don't," said scrooge.

"what evidence would you have of my reality beyond that of your own senses?"

"i don't know," said scrooge

"why do you doubt your senses?"


and i release you.  with a full heart, for the love of him you once were

a man laden with christmas toys and presents.  then the shouting and the struggling, and the onslaught that was made on the defenseless porter!  the scaling him, with chairs for ladders, to dive into his pockets, despoil him of brown-paper parcels, hold on tight by his cravat, hug him round the neck, pommel his back, and kick his legs in irrepressible affection!

a crutch without an owner

it was a game called yes and no, where scrooge's nephew had to think of something, and the rest must find out what, he only answering to their questions yes or no, as the case was.  the brisk fire of questioning to which he was exposed, elicited from him that he was thinking of an animal, a live animal, rather a disagreeable animal, a savage animal, an animal that growled and grunted sometimes, and talked sometimes, and lived in london, and walked about the streets, and wasn't made a show of, and wasn't led by anybody, and didn't live in a menagerie, and was never killed in a market, and was not a horse, or an ass, or a cow, or a bull, or a tiger, or a dog, or a pig, or a cat, or a bear.  at every fresh question that was put to him, this nephew burst into a fresh roar of laughter and was so inexpressibly tickled that he was obliged to get up off the sofa and stamp