this week i

published on the impact of proposed out of pocket caps on drug spending

lazed down the california coastal highway.  erin trained for triatholon, grilled fajitas while djokovic aimed for a grand slam.  dukes makes drinks better than they train their host staff, neighbor zoom yoga, pants tucked into socks, center new hires meeting, air quality webinar after hearing after hearing, orchids this week (left for betsi), bee sting trip nip, morays brayed, taliban painted over womens' faces, elephant seals lumbered, rembrandt first painted his face, though bladder better, puerco canyon invited the pacific, john travolta's 1994 five dollar milk and ice cream useful for teaching inflation concepts, huskies running near santa monica pier added to the circusiness, synchronized headphone beachdancers embodied energy in silence, afternoon jazz wolved the mid-day stay beside labrea's bubbling tar pits, the humans all around continued to amaze, maybe not in that order