this week i

dispute clean truck owners need trucks.  dominoes delivery vehicle waved one american, one give pizza a chance flag

visited the university of new mexico's art museum.  best career for being remembered?  a futurist.  artificial intelligence may launch the first nuke

watched ken burns' hemingway, featuring the last interview with john mccain.  yours till the war is over


read design motifs of ancient mexico by jorge encisco.  yes, thar be dragons in pre-columbian america

 stamps were generally made of baked clay.  occasionally, one finds the use of other materials, as the two stone samples from yucatan, one of copper from patzcuaro, and another made of bone from xochimilco.  it is evident that stone silver was used, the stamps have yet to be found or have been melted long ago.  wood and bone have not survived the ravages of time.  this may explain abundant survival of clay stamps

flat stamps showing masks of deities..iii shows the old man god (ueueteotl), from teotihuacan.  iv shows the rain god (tlaloc) and is from los tuxtlas, veracruz

read the truth about animals by lucy cooke

leonardo da vinci painted the disciples enjoying eels at the last supper

larval marvels

no one has ever seen a beaver using its tail as a builder's trowel

the jane goodall of hyenas

"most hominid remains are just teeth and jawbones.  when you are finding teeth, it's almost a guarantee that the dead person has been through the digestive tract of a hyena, because that's all that comes out"

the zoo was forced to admit their famous female panda had sexually imprinted on the wrong species

tuxedolike livery for camouflage: their white front disguises them from predators and prey looking up at the sun-bleached surface of the water, and their black back conceals them from predators above against the murky depths below

no humanzees were conceived