this week i

published my tenth employer health benefits survey.  matthew blurred the library background

reenacted the cow devouring scene from jurassic park



emptied two storage lockers.  eyes are weird

installed a tropical visitor

read factfulness by hans rosling

 the chimps' errors would be equally shared between the two wrong answers, whereas the human errors all tend to be in one direction.  every group of people i ask thinks the world is more frightening, more violent, and more hopeless - in short, more dramatic - than it really is

the child mortality rate..takes the temperature of a whole society

archaeologists have to get used to discovering that a large proportion of all the remains they dig up are those of children

ddt's creator won a nobel prize russia it was called the polish disease.  in polish it was the german disease; in germany, the french disease; and in france, the italian disease.  the italians blamed back, calling it the french disease

a funeral at uppsala castle