this week i

woke up in agrigento for valley of temples, rocksplashes, mozarella blob, turkish stair sunset.  palermo served us fruits of the sea, three explosions



landed in spqr.  judith beheading holofernes numero due.  judith beheading holofernes numero tre.  caravaggio's next roman holiday?  colosseum, capitoline cappuccino, border crossing for: map room, drunk noah, charon's ferry, asp bite for all the world to see.  here, here they're just candles


re-read chronicle of a death foretold

you always have to take the side of the dead

"girls," she would tell them, "don't comb your hair at night; you'll slow down seafarers."  except for that, she thought there were no better-reared daughters.  "they're perfect," she was frequently heard to say.  "any man will be happy with them because they've been raised to suffer"

he returned to the social club with his silver-trimmed saddlebags, and on the table he laid ten bundles of thousand-peso notes with the printed bands of the state bank still on them.  the widower xius died two months later.  "he died because of that," dr. dionisio iguaran said.  "he was healthier than the rest of us, but when you listened with the stethoscope you could hear the tears bubbling inside his heart."  but not only had he sold the house with everything in it; he asked bayardo san roman to pay him little by little because he didn't even have an old trunk where he could keep so much consolation money

i didn't want to be blessed by a man who cut off only the combs for soup and threw the rest of the rooster into the garbage

"we killed him openly," pedro vicario said, "but we're innocent"

maria alejandrina cervantes had left the door of her house unbarred.  i took leave of my brother, crossed the veranda where the mulatto girls' cats were sleeping curled up among the tulips, and opened the bedroom door without knocking.  the lights were out, but as soon as i went in i caught the smell of a warm woman and i saw the eyes of an insomniac leopard in the darkness, and then i didn't know anything else about myself until the bells began to ring