this week i

finished peaky blinders on the plane: i do read poetry but i don't yet write it.  note how these weirdos spell kinshasa, big matches.  rogerio met me past immigration, acted surprised at two shirtless men wrestling on the governor's island highway cement past midnight.  during room temperature winters, cariocas wear scarves.  caesar's famous last words: et tu, brasil?  i memorized manuel, olympio, joao, sami, and flavio - who says bellezza with his thumb up - every time i'm back from a run.  when the coda of iberia has been written: the spanish won but the portuguese had fun



(1) the black sea is the source of 12 per cent of globally traded caloric intake

 throughout the 2010s, the world bank published a series of reports announcing 'tremendous progress' in reducing extreme poverty.  these were exaggerated claims based on data full of gaps and a specious methodology.  the former un special envoy on extreme poverty and human rights, philip alston, showed in 2020 that the bank's measures were largely designed to tick off development goals.  it defined poverty out of existence rather than working to alleviate it.  the eradication of poverty was being presented as a triumph of the existing order and a justification for the continuing inequalities of the global economy.  the triumph was illusory.  the war in ukraine and the food crisis it has compounded will result in growing poverty and privation

(2) a bilingual mind is like a household that contains more than one person


(3) the chevron doctrine


(4) the cfa franc

like seeds thrown on the hardpan sahelian landscape, these proposals, even when implemented, have failed to produce sustained and significant economic growth

while high inflation tends to be harmful in rich countries where most people are consumers, inflation rates of up to 12 percent have been associated with economic growth in poor ones - where most people are producers - because they make exports cheaper.  strategic devaluation helped countries like vietnam, where a dollar now buys 23,000 dong, stay competitive

you have to bribe the midwife or you'll risk dying in childbirth

senegal's peanuts

the ranks of the islamic state are swollen with pastoralists whose animals were taken with impunity by soldiers, police, and militias 


(5) the pritzker's first burkinabe

 good architecture in burkina faso is a classroom where you can sit, have light that is filtered, entering the way that you want to use it, across a blackboard or on a desk.  how can we take away the heat coming from the sun, but use the light to our benefit?  creating climate conditions to give basic comfort allows for true teaching, learning and excitement.  i consider my work a private task, a duty to this community


(6) the price of continued economic growth is too high

 moral authorities from confucius to chuck d have extolled the virtues of consuming less, and in recent decades these arguments have gained existential urgency

speculative journalism..reverse archaeology

both kangaroo rats and humans respond to stress by hoarding


(7) the trial of the bataclan attack

i only realized about a month later that i hadn't fallen on people, i had fallen on bodies

parental permission for jihad


(8) kawanabe kyosai

unlike many of kyosai's crows, which were sketched on paper, this is painted on silk, which has different qualities of absorbancy, and requires the artist to have considerable control of his materials

(9) latter-day sedaris

the key is to fill the space between your skill level and perfection with charm

after reading that a teenager in hawaii has been fined for slapping a seal, david happily ponders how satisfying it would be to do so, and the sound it would make, so much 'wetter, meatier' than clapping your hands

at readings, where sedaris typically signs books for hours, he passes the time by asking his readers questions designed to spark conversation.  what do they do for a living?  do they know any unusual curses (they do.)  have they ever been stabbed?  (they have.)  to men: in a restaurant, would you share dessert with another man?  (most say no.)


(10) the dispersal of songbirds

ravens are the largest songbirds on earth today