this week i

traded dire wolf scratches before picking up the crv.  immunization appointment then workweek at rosemarie's.  lynne cooked cheesesteak stromboli

parked on mckean.  laura hummed mario underground world 1-2 as ben repaired the toilet.  adam autoaudioendoscoped, melissa resisted adoption

 is that sue?  that's dino

i'm just going to read this real quick but i'm a slow reader byeee

all the pizzas are large, yeah?  //  yeah, the jumbo one doesn't even get through the door

phuppetorium.  it's not an f it's a ph like pelta-heller muppets

you can use me as a scapegoat // i already did

rhinestone-embedded wire cigarette holder: what's that?  // it's called being sophisticated you rube
printing press machining stamps: what do you use these for?  // visual pleasure

my kinda renaissance fair is a little bit of mead, a little bit of weed

i can't say i'm too familiar with devo's catalog

pepper's creepin' on the pizza

i feel like the face of megacolon is elvis

he finished my haircut with a straight-razor // ooh lah lah

i've never seen anyone reading next to a pool table

[yawns lazily]  //  bless you

this is my weird friend  //  some people also call me anthony

would you ever eat a lizard on a dare?  //  no, but maybe a chameleon



received a crown over the titanium (sadly not adamantium) implant after rinsing with artificial flavors.  one fine day i'll spit out jesus on toast

read the prince by niccolo machiavelli

men must be either pampered or annihilated

the whole kingdom of turkey is governed by one man; everyone else is his servant.  having divided his kingdom into sanjaks, the monarch sends various administrators out to the, shifting them about and replacing them as he pleases.  but the king of france is surrounded by a large number of lords of ancient lineage who are recognized and loved by their subjects.  they have their degrees of pre-eminence, which the king cannot deprive them of without danger to himself.  anyone who considers both these states, therefore, will note that there would be difficulty in conquering the kingdom of the turks, but ease in keeping it once it was conquered.  he will note, on the other hand, that the kingdom of france in some respects would be easier to occupy but more difficult to hold

anyone searching for the first cause of the ruin of the roman empire will find that it began with the hiring of mercenaries.  from that point the strength of the roman empire started to decline, and all the valor it lost was transferred to the goths

concerning cruelty: whether it is better to be loved than to be feared, or the reverse

the world is composed of the mob