this week i

browsed as bookworms before soba cafe, hanoian durian popsicles to discuss etymology of year of rabbit vs cat, ox and buffalo another difference

cycled thirty miles to and from the temple of buddhist relics of the red river valley.  prior sketches on pink backsides of while you were out pads.  caravaggio's mom and kid trample snake with grandma slightly better, bauhaus black hole too.  voice to text thought cervantes wrote donkey hotel


read the count of monte cristo by alexandre dumas.  he looks a bit like michael richards on stage the night that he cancelled himself

the two lovers went on their way, peaceful and happy, like two of the elect on their way to heaven, while the three men continued their interesting conversation

"has the corsican ogre broken loose?"

 "your life, young man, is far too short to contain anything of importance"

"thank god!" said he.  "at least thou strikest me alone!"

"blood washes out dishonour"

"the count of monte cristo asks permission to call upon you to-morrow morning," continued the servant.  "he will be honoured to know what hour is convenient to you"

"just so.  well, then, supposing the poison were brucine," resumed the count, "and that you took a milligram the first day, two milligrams the second day, and so on progressively.  well, at the end of ten days you would have taken a centigram; at the end of twenty days, by increasing this by another milligram, you would have taken another three centigrams; that is to say, a dose which would be extremely dangerous for any other person who had not taken the same precautions as yourself.  well, then, at the end of the month you would have killed yourself; yet, except for a slight indisposition, you would have no other indication that there was poisonous substance mixed with the water"

a decanter of orangeade, her usual beverage

"i only wish to be on good terms with every one"

"havanas are distasteful to her because she does not like their strong odour, but eastern tobacco is a perfume"

"ali, my pistols inlaid with ivory!"

"demon that you are, you have penetrated the obscurity of my past and have read, by the light of what torch i do not know, every page of my life"

"i am come," said he, "to say to you as the gladiator would say to the roman emperor: 'he who is about to die salutes you'"