this week i

visited sonargaon, home to the muslin in ella fitzgerald's paper moon as well as cobras as caduceus, uncomfortable sandals, black-hooded orioles


posted one year old artwork: silverback gorilla attempts selfie gif.  more recently, ramen under the mosquito net with river of pee through the tree


watched spielberg's the fabelmans

see that painting over there?
uh yeah i mean yes.  yes i do see it
walk over to it

well?  what's in it?  describe it
oh okay um so there are two guys and they're on horseback and they're looking for something so maybe they're scouting..
no.  no.  where's the horizon?
the the horizon?
where is it?
yeah it's at the bottom
that's right.  walk over to this painting

right okay so there are five cowboys you know they..
no no no no no.  where's the goddamn horizon?
um it's it's there
um at the top of the painting
alright get over here

now remember this.  when the horizon's at the bottom, it's interesting.  when the horizon's at the top, it's interesting.  when's the horizon's in the middle, it's boring as shit.  now, good luck to you.  and get the fuck out of my office

thank you
my pleasure

read mekong: a journey on the mother of waters by michael yamashita.  zadoi * qinghai * china despite a climate so brutally harsh that washing becomes a rare event, daily life goes on.  children attend classes at this one-room schoolhouse in zadoi between chores with their families' herds * pak ou * laos * mountains resembling a sung dynasty watercolor loom above the mekong as it flows through pak ou


read candide by voltaire.  sublimi feriam sidera vertice, latin for "i shall strike the stars with my forehead"

thus a general consternation was spread over this most magnificent and most agreeable of all possible castles

at that very instant the king of the bulgars, happening to pass by, made a stop and enquired into the delinquent's crime, and being a prince of great genius, he found, from what he heard of candide, that he was a young metaphysician, entirely ignorant of the world; and therefore, out of his great clemency, he considered to pardon him, for which his name will be celebrated in every journal and in every age

"oh, my dear candide, you must remember pacquette, that pretty wench who waited on our noble baroness; in her arms i tasted the pleasures of paradise, which produced these hell-torments with which you see me devoured.  she was infected with disease, and perhaps is since dead of it.  she received this present of a learned cordelier, who traced it back to its source.  he was indebted for it to an old countess, who caught it from a captain of cavalry, who caught it from a marchioness, who caught it from a page, the page received it from a jesuit, who during his noviciate got it directly from one of the fellow adventurers of christopher columbus.  for my part, i shall give it to nobody.  i am a dying man



let's eat this jesuit

the spaniards had some confused notion of this country, to which they gave the name el dorado; and sir walter raleigh, an englishman, actually came very near it about three hundred years ago; but the inaccessible rocks and precipices with which our country is surrounded on all sides, has protected us so far from the rapacious fury of the people of europe, who have an unaccountable fondness for the pebbles and dirt of our land, for the sake of which they would murder us all to the very last man

robes made of the down of humming-birds