this week i

published our collaboration with the california health care foundation, this cartoon-ready duo. is anything on earth as beautiful as the rings of saturn?


attended the survey of income and program participation (be thoughtful about how you aggregate) then panel study of income dynamics (this is where i had it like a cooking show) short courses.  work start and end time one of the most sensitive questions, respondents worried about theft.  the 1999 supreme court decision barred the census from modifying the apportionment data with the post-enumeration survey.  the official count of linear age fluctuates like a heartbeat due to age-heaping: when neighbors estimate but round to five.  director robert santos said the words "dirty data" and opined about a time when "the next hot thing was landline telephone surveys" adding my own "there's no replication crisis in poverty research."  poster sessions most fun nowadays.  regarding diurnal variation in poverty i heard the words "a poverty rate can rise and fall throughout the day" and, elsewhere, "bayesian model to adjust for non-representativeness" plus multiple appearances of attrition's verb attrit.  what time is it?  attritin' time

met at terminal one, slammed as many beers, saw three dog night karaoke, next samira.  ruffles the younger jazzed till he realized just him and me


watched country music by ken burns.  merle haggard in johnny cash's san quentin audience, ring of fire mariachi, hank williams wrote jambalaya

why should the devil have all the good tunes?

itzhak perlman: we are all fiddle players

 the banjo: it's hard to ignore because it's so percussive

those songs were captured rather than written

tuberculosis - at the time, the leading cause of death

i want to die with my shoes on

a signal so overpowering local ranchers heard the music on their barbed wire fences

"just love them honey," he said, "and they'll love you right back"

tom dooley (perhaps l.a. county also): murder ballad

marty robbins on el paso: this won't sell 500 records but it's something i've always wanted to do

dolly parton: i was on television before we ever owned one  //  i'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes.  because i know i'm not dumb.  and i'm not blonde, either

on bobby mcgee (a woman named mckee): and i called kris..don't be alone when you hear this

read east of eden by john steinbeck, a book about heteropaternal superfecundation

cyrus trask mourned for his wife with a keg of whiskey and three old army friends who had dropped in on their way home to maine.  baby adam cried a good deal at the beginning of the wake, for the mourners, not knowing about babies, had neglected to feed him.  cyrus soon solved the problem.  he dipped a rag in whiskey and gave it to the baby to suck, and after three dippings young adam went to sleep.  several times during the mourning period he awakened and complained and got the dipped rag again and went to sleep.  the baby was drunk for two days and a half.  whatever may have happened in his developing brain, it proved beneficial to his metabolism: from that two and a half days he gained an iron health.  and when at the end of three days his father finally went out and bought a goat, adam drank milk greedily, vomited, drank more, and was on his way.  his father did not find the reaction alarming, since he was doing the same thing

the wooden leg made a side semicircle to get ahead when its turn came

once when he was very ill samuel asked, "liza, couldn't i have a glass of whiskey to ease me?" ... "would you go to the throne of god with liquor on your breath?"

in due course adam gave his name to a clerk and went to sit in the anteroom.  his father found him there.  it took adam a moment to recognize cyrus, and much longer to get used to him.  cyrus had become a great man.  he dressed like a great man - black broadcloth coat and trousers, wide black hat, overcoat with a velvet collar, ebony cane which he made to seem a sword.  and cyrus conducted himself like a great man.  his speech was slow and mellow, measured and unexcited, his gestures were wide, and new teeth gave him a vulpine smile out of all proportion to his emotion

people are felt rather than seen after the first few moments

"he would have admitted climbing the golden stairs and cutting st. peter's throat with a bowling ball," the judge said.  "be more careful, mike.  the law was designed to save, not to destroy"

"i can't understand why a girl like you-" he began, and fell right into the oldest conviction in the world - that the girl you are in love with can't possibly be anything but true and honest

things grow so fast in california they say you have to plant and step back quick or you'll get knocked down

another man, but he was crazy, said that someday there'd be a way, maybe ice, maybe some other way, to get a peach like this here i got in my hand clear to philadelphia

as a very young child she had learned to win by using the momentum of her opponent.  it was easy to guide a man's strength where it was impossible to resist him

"he was a spaniard, wasn't he?  they're artistic people, i've heard.  i remember in school about a painter - no, he was a greek"

there are no ugly questions except those clothed in condescension

we chinese have a well-developed demonology

he moved around as if he was alive but he left no evidence.  the lord in his wisdom gave money to very curious people, perhaps because they'd starve without

"samuel, do you think you can move this rock of a man?" // "why, i don't know, mother."  he had not expected this.  "i don't know." // "do you think it is such an important matter that those babies have names right now?"

i feel murder nudging my gizzard

when a man says he does not want to speak of something he usually means he can think of nothing else

i wouldn't have minded so much if she had wanted my death.  that would have been a kind of love.  but i was an annoyance, not an enemy

isn't it odd that cain is maybe the best-known name in the whole world and as far as i know only one man has ever borne it?

and the lord set a mark upon cain, lest any finding him should kill him.  and cain went out from the presence of the lord and dwelt in the land of nod on the east of eden

that thing about time doing the job dynamite can't touch

the american standard translation
orders men to triumph over sin, and you can call sin ignorance.  the king james translation makes a promise in 'thou shalt,' meaning that men will surely triumph over sin.  but the hebrew word, the word timshel - 'thou mayest' - that gives a choice.  it might be the most important word in the world.  that says the way is open.  for if 'thou mayest' - it is also true that 'thou mayest not'

all money, property, and securities to be divided equally between you and your wife

you sound like some goat-foot with a wheat flute on a hill in greece

he hung the receiver up and dressed.  in angry weariness he opened the wall cabinet and collected scalpels and clamps, sponges and tubes of sutures, to put in his bag.  he shook his gasoline pressure lantern to make sure it was full and arranged ether can and mask beside it on his bureau.  his wife in boudoir cap and nightgown looked in.  dr. tilson said, "i'm walking over to the garage.  call will hamilton.  tell him i want him to drive me to his father's place.  if he argues tell him his sister is - dying"

p.s. i notice that polly has not reformed one bit.  that parrot makes me blush

she walked on, and a falsetto followed her, "oh, aron, i do love you so"

clock-ticking silence

they thought she would be weak and delicate.  she smiled to herself - delicate like a steel trap

and they were silent, for it was too late to say hello and too early to begin other things

the manila envelopes were glued together with blackened blood.  the sheriff dampened the papers with a wet handkerchief to get them apart.  he read the will, which had been folded, so that the blood was on the outside.  he laid it aside and inspected the photographs in the envelopes.  he sighed deeply

do you know where your brother is?