this week i

published convey 1.0 and accompanying textbook, i'm still having a good time with ya'll.  i always thought seneca a cool word

published asdfree 1.0, so to speak, as well.  to paraphrase octavian: i found asdfree a city of bricks, and left it a city of marble

ate halloumi, drank a salt-rimmed pomegranate burp.  i had a strawberry two days ago, i was like how the fuck is this even possible.  it's december.  bee eff eff's jackson cannery: baby boss climbs up from his soapbox // great caesar's ghost knows what's best for me // he says stop the bus

slept midnight friday, woke at 4 with all the lights on.  we admired the geometries of this photo the living thing the glass thing the banner behind


calculated sum total net worth of the poorest 29% of the united states in 2022 is a negative number.  at 30%, the sum total crosses into the positive

pcts <- seq( 0.2 , 0.3 , 0.01 )
cutoffs <- scf_MIcombine( with( scf_design , svyquantile( ~ networth , pcts ) ) )
for( i in seq_along( pcts ) ){
    print( pcts[i] )
    print( scf_MIcombine( with( subset( scf_design , networth < coef( cutoffs )[i] ) , svytotal( ~ networth ) ) ) )

# closer to 29% than 30% in the 2022 dataset
print( scf_MIcombine( with( subset( scf_design , networth < coef( scf_MIcombine( with( scf_design , svyquantile( ~ networth , 0.295 ) ) ) ) ) , svytotal( ~ networth ) ) ) )


new year's resolve to stop alcoholic beverages that are not peak organic brewing co.'s fresh cut: a dry-hopped pilsner.  it's the right drink the way black coffee is the right drink.  rooibos >>> chamomile, tho maite recommends the latter in her pipe and smoked.  she pronounces exactly exactlery


watched all nine seasons of seinfeld, sharp enough color television to be plausibly present day sans smartphones

what do you want?
i don't care, whatever
i tell you what, why don't we get a couple of dishes and we'll just share them
what are you getting?
i think i'm going to get a chow fun
what's a chow fun?
it's a broad noodle
what do you mean a broad noodle?
it's a big flat noodle
well i don't want a big flat noodle
well what kind of noodle do you want?
well who says i want a noodle?
alright, look, i'm getting the chow fun, you don't have to have any
well i'll get the peapods and you can't have any of my peapods
get extra msg

i'm like a sexual camel

you know this is like that twilight zone where he wakes up and he's the same and everyone else is different
which one?
they were all like that

those aren't for new year's.  those are my everyday balloons

not on my watch!  i won't have you turning my office into a den of iniquity.  get your fix somewhere else

we made out at the table like our plane was going down

[ties yellow police caution tape to banana]  i'm going to eat this later

mister peterman, i, i can exp...
elaine, i have a question for you.  is the item still with you?
um, as far as i know...
do you know what happens to a butter-based frosting after six decades in a poorly ventilated english basement?
oh, i guess i hadn't...
well i have a feeling what you are about to go through is punishment enough.  dismissed

i would describe it as restrained jubilation