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published longitudinally on elderly and disabled americans with high out of pocket prescription drug spending.  i hit this ridiculous error while polishing health and retirement studypew research center smoother sailing.  claudia sent me a tremendous haiku, people like her prompted people like me to shrug, invent the phrase, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."  choosing the correct statistical test another gripping read, plus hey that's me

drew with dilorenzofor people who are not fans of drawing hands or feet.  on my own circe, gwss: is it chilly down here, or is it just me?


saw molly tuttle's first performance after second grammy win alongside some like it hot, joni mitchell.  revati carved giraffe-print statue of liberty


seek opportunities to create and recreate governments based on watersheds

this "balkanization" ... of watershed management

an historical exercise in counterfactualism

create and recreate governments based on watersheds

only the borders of a hand full of states such as west virginia - virginia and idaho - montana were delineated along watershed lines

the borders of the swiss canton valais are wholly based on the rhone river watershed

 in 1776, when george washington (a general and land surveyor) crossed the delaware river on christmas eve in a pivotal battle of the revolution, the dictionaries of the time did not list "watershed" as a word

the boundaries of the greenbriar river watershed in wv constitute a lengthy boundary between east and west virginia



read between ocean and bay: a natural history of delmarva by jane scott.  did you know snapping turtles are ornery motherfuckers?  now you do.

a banded, blue-grey metamorphic rock called gneiss..the main component of a strata ten miles thick below the delmarva piedmont

by the close of the cretaceous period, the class of mammals known as marsupials were common.  our familiar opossum is a survivor

mammoths and mastodons were principally differentiated by the structure of their molars

tobacco..the peninsula's first monoculture

the farmers in this country, if they can be called farmers, is not to make the most they can from the land, which is . . . cheap, but the most of the labor, which is dear
-george washington, 1791

dunghill fowl

the red-cockaded woodpecker is gone and the delmarva fox squirrel threatened

pill bugs (family armadillidiidae)

woodpeckers' feet have two toes forward and two toes behind

cardinals, cardinalis cardinalis

a buck's antlers are deciduous..the most rapidly growing osseous (bony) structures found in mammals

a history of new sweden, first published in 1759

as in most east coast estuaries, the denser salt water moves to the northeast, making the chesapeake saltier on the eastern shore side, and the delaware bay on the new jersey side, a phenomenon that is believed to be caused by the earth's rotation, or coriolis force, the same force that in the northern hemisphere causes water to run down drains in a clockwise direction

the multitude of fireflys glittering in the dark upon the surface of the [elk river] marsh makes it appear like a great plain scattered over with spangles.
-alexander hamilton, 1744
the skeeters were so thick you could twirl a pint cup around your head and catch a quart every time.
-ralph c. wilson, nineteenth century
the musk-rat furnishes a savory dish for any one who will set a choke-snare in the nearest creek, and his skin will purchase the accompaniments to make up the meal.
-robert wilson, 1876

the seaside alder, alnus maritima.  the seaside alder resembles the common alder, alnus serrulata, except for the fact that it flowers in the autumn.  it is endemic to the peninsula..there are also a few trees in a small area of south central oklahoma: it is thought that they grew from seeds or plants carried west by the lenni-lenape

swamp warblers..the flamboyant prothonotary

before world war ii, there was an eagle's nest about every three miles along the convoluted chesapeake shoreline

blackwater's eagles usually return to the peninsula from the gulf coast sometime in december.  before breeding, the pairs indulge in spectacular courtship flights, sometimes locking talons and executing a series of descending somersaults

studies done on an osprey colony in nova scotia have shown that the birds actually exchange information about good fishing grounds and even discriminate between fish species.  an osprey returning with an alewife, for instance, will cause other birds to take to the air and retrace his flight path, yet one returning with a flounder will not.  the birds seem to know that, because alewives move in large schools, they have a good chance of getting a fish for themselves.  catching a bottom fish like a flounder, on the other hand, is a random occurrence, not likely to be repeated

the males are smaller and have appendages that look like boxing gloves, called pedipalps.  they are designed to grasp the carapace of the female during mating..then on a moonlight night in early may, millions of male horseshoe crabs appear on delmarva's beaches..female crabs rise out of the water behind them.  the males scramble after them waving their tails like sticks in the surf..they then cover the egg mass with sand and return to the water.  that is, if they are lucky; many crabs are flipped by the surf and cannot right themselves.  they die on the sand before they can be rescued by the next incoming tide

semipalmated sandpipers

the american oystercatcher..loosens the muscle from its moorings and inflicts rapid well-directed blows until the shell breaks.  if the bird breaks its own bill in the process, he can grow a new one in two to three weeks

a snowy egret feeds by stirring up the water with his foot to flush out tiny shrimp and aquatic insects.  they grow handsome plumes in the breeding season, and were once a prime target of the millinery trade

herons, night herons, and egrets, as well as the bitterns, all belong to the family ardeidae whereas ibis are in the family threskiornithidae with the tropical spoonbills

the ship, which was bound for spain in the early 1800s with a cargo of gold and silver from peru, ran aground on assateague after breaking up in a gale.  also on board were one hundred small draft horses that had been used by the spaniards in panamanian mines.  the horses, bred to be small in order to work in mine tunnels, had been blinded by the spaniards to make them easier to handle underground