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updated our all states expand medicaid estimates.  the cdc's national center for health statistics partnered with ipsos and norc, hope this helps

self-reported health data using two online panels, combining and weighting the resulting data

although nchs's gold standard sampling, interviewing, and post-processing strategies are pivotal for examining national annual trends in disease and behavioral risk factors and differences across demographic and geographic groups, they are less useful for responding to more immediate "real-time" public health issues that may arise with little warning or notice

unlike many other quick-turnaround surveys and polls, rss will also provide decision makers with information on the quality of the estimates using methodological evaluations

the rss was launched to develop a mechanism that facilitates collection of time-sensitive survey data using online panels with thorough and ongoing data quality evaluation

beliefs about sunscreen

post hey franceintheus, last night's gala - magnifique!  savory food, inspiring music, bottomless wine, complimentary baguette at coat check a touch of class.  [to a whisper: your lounge entrance area foosball table could use a professional cleaning]  merci pour les bons sentiments et tout le reste
read ft cuz these first four pages transpired on our planet yesterday, and i'll be a poorer man if i don't make time to absorb the story.  otoh: getting out of bed today was your first of eighty seven mistakes and other inspirational phrases to write on your bathroom mirror with glittery toothpaste

listened to (osiris-rex) mission accomplished: unlocking earth's mysteries from asteroid bennu (and other failed planets like apophis) at nmnh

mosaic image of bennu after two years of observation

the direction of rotation about its axis is retrograde with respect to its orbit

 the rotation period of bennu decreases by about one second every 100 years

the interior has a rubble pile structure or even hollows

regiones (broad geographic regions), craters, dorsa (ridges), fossae (grooves or trenches) and saxa (rocks and boulders)

if an impact were to occur, the expected kinetic energy associated with the collision would be 1,200 megatons of tnt equivalent (for comparison, tnt equivalent of tsar bomba, the most powerful nuclear weapon ever tested, was approximately 54 megatons, and that of the tunguska event, the most energetic impact event in recorded history, has been estimated at 3-5 megatons, though another estimate is 20-30 megatons)

bennu may pass through a gravitational keyhole during the 2135 passage which could create an impact scenario at a future encounter.  the keyholes are all less than ~20 km wide with some keyholes being only 5 meters wide

bennu has a 48% chance of falling into the sun.  there is a 10% probability that bennu will be ejected out of the inner solar system, most likely after a close encounter with jupiter.  the highest impact probability for a planet is with venus (26%), followed by earth (10%) and mercury (3%).  the odds of bennu striking mars are only 0.8% and there is a 0.2% chance that bennu will eventually collide with jupiter


aspire to health and concomitant home repairs till haley's comet returns july 28th, 2061.  nybooks cover feels more strongly than i do

found pet sounds unreleased backgrounds, composed a poem, but my nepetalactone is just fresh basil

the cat
with whom
i make
my home
i study
just like
st. jerome


drew dna's double helix within sand timer.  when did i become unstuck in time?  giraffes wear triangles to nonagons.  do you taste the snozzberry yet?




read taschen's albrecht dürer by norbert wolf

the phalanx of riders charging down all before them as personifications of victory, war, inflation, and death.  the horseman above death may also be interpreted as hunger or alternatively as divine justice, the archer as a symbol of the plague

on his painting of christ among the doctors, durer proudly noted: "opus quinque dierum" - the work of five days

impress none less than rembrandt

jerome - the saint, incidentally, whom durer drew more than any other

albrecht durer died on 6 april 1528 of the consequences of malaria, "as withered as a bundle of straw"...quicquid alberti dureri mortale fuit, sub hoc conditur tumulo (whatever was mortal of albrecht durer lies beneath this mound)

read house of bondage by ernest cole

his south africa - the south africa, after all, of most south africans - is one of the least-known countries in the world

too undernourished to be effective terrorists

security for a black man is the surrender of aspirations.  total anonymity and smiling compliance are the price extracted for safe conduct

"how tall were you," he asked, "when you were eight?"
a colored asked this question does what any westerner would do - that is, stretches out his hand to the appropriate level, palm down.  the examiner assumed that this esoteric piece of information was known only to the classification board.  but ernest had been waiting for just that question

life abroad..not a law to break in sight

gold was discovered a century ago and today the ore still pours from fifty-five operating mines.  most of these are located in the witwatersrand of important is the rand that south africa has applied the name to its basic monetary unit

to qualify to have his wife and children live with him in an urban area, an african who was not born in that area must have lived there for fourteen years and have held one job for all of that time

the parade continues until the policeman runs out of handcuffs

in 1963, according to records meticulously kept, 83,206 lashes were meted out to 17,404 prisoners

dozens of others have crowded onto the couplings between the cars or cling to precarious hand and footholds on the outside.  "washing" they call it.  for when a train goes by at speed these passengers look like clothes hanging on a wash line

it is against the law for a servant to sleep under the same roof with his or her employer, no matter how big the house

a mattress of straw, newspaper for a carpet, and fruit crates for table and chair

girl in striped suit lost two jobs because she was too chic

everywhere in south africa it is unlawful for black and white to drink a cup of tea together unless they have obtained a special permit

the temptation is strong to tear down the signs or deface them.  (one trick guaranteed to cause confusion is to alter a sign that reads "non-white" by scraping off the "non"

baby baby-minders

wards may be swept by smallpox

the ambulance didn't go straight to a hospital.  it went several more miles to pick up the victim of another traffic accident

in the children's ward, patients share a corner of floor with blankets scattered over them.  new cases have their names written on adhesive tape stuck to their foreheads

for the whites, the only refuge is behind the steel bars at their windows, the only security in private watchmen and a revolver by the bedside

a white man arriving early at church one sunday discovered a black man down on his knees in front of the altar.  "what are you doing there?"  the afrikaner demanded.  "just scrubbing the floor, baas," the black man replied.
"all right," said the white man.  "but god help you if i catch you praying"

the river is wide and there is no bridge to cross