this week i

drew african grey parrot as beware: recording in progress sign

mouse's pac-man


riches at rainbow's end


above manhattan, late 22nd century


slouching shirtless sketching swirling selfie (in cargo pants)


batman's a batman but they call him 'le batman' -john travolta

surrender at chicxulub


 marie antennae

lava lamp


will always be thankful for parental advice, "if she's spending a lot of time with you, then she probably likes you."  three decade pause after this --


would greenlight life of pi 2: wolves ahoy!  and for a feline, canine, ursine trilogy, conclude stranded on glacier with maritimus: pi scream sundae

cubed pareto: gruez: i thought the pareto distribution was most famously associated with 80-20?  of course you can change α to get whatever ratio you want but this is the first time i heard of the 50-1 ratio being used.  coldtea: the pareto can be applied recursively.  if 20% of the people have 80% of the wealth, then 20% of them will have 80% of that 80% (64%) and so on  zmgsabst: they're the same: 20% of 20% of 20% (or 0.8%) of people will hold 80% of 80% of 80% (or 51.2%) of the wealth. also 80-20: 20 economies have contributed more than 80 per cent of the greenhouse gases 


suppose south korea's population pyramid now a diamond

what demographers consider the global replacement rate of about 2.2. the replacement rate, which keeps population stable over time, is 2.1 in rich countries, and slightly higher in developing countries, where fewer girls than boys are born

hungarian prime minister viktor orban has pushed one of europe’s most ambitious natality agendas. last year he expanded tax benefits for mothers so that women under the age of 30 who have a child are exempt from paying personal income tax for life


visited the history and art museum for its early attempts at veterinarian thermometer design


sweat funny

handed check-in agent passaporto mio, heaved duffels onto conveyor.  he passed me my ticket, pointed toward security.  ciao the best goodbye, he received one from me like everybody.  three hours pass, same man scanning, ripping paper at boarding gate: "ciao," he smiled and returned the stub