this week i

identified airport pick-up by the poster waved above his head.  we ate woodberry kitchen, drank spro, before our victory lap.  thanks for the careers

met pre-academyhealth, a few days before seeing her work on the nightly news.  an external affairs tizzy, some debate about familial relationships of prominent same last names in health policy, and a broken kitchen sink

worked in mount pleasant, stayed late for the stewed slop and strawberry shortcake.  david named his software

come home most evenings.  my father reads on his back, in the light of the lamp, forearms upright.  he smiles, i'm not sure if it's relief or just regular happiness.  it's rare but it's genuine.  "where were you all day?"  "dad, the sun is still in the sky"  eight in the summertime.  we exchange banter, as much as he'll tolerate, i already know his responses.  he shoos me out of the room, rustles the paper stiff and upright.  he finds his place on the page, i close his bedroom door from the other side.  sometimes a bridge to the outside world, sometimes just his kid.  making memories is a funny thing


this week i

published ten things to know about the medicare prescription drug program.

started summer school at the university of maryland.  geog682, open source intelligence

python has a global interpreter lock that makes multithreading a challenge

from satellite feeds: how many cars are parked at walmart and therefore do we expect revenue to grow

the foreign broadcast intelligence service translated public media, a foundational part of the cia.  doesn't have to be classified to be important

saw a cool crane or a heron or is that an egret before working in the library before paper and book making thursday

consider italics the most mysterious of the typographical emphases.  on appetite: if you can think of it, then it's possible.  if it's possible, then you can have it.  if you can get it, why don't you have it?

expect the next gulag to be populated by this word, the conspiring data scientists will often be wrong

cannot reserve a holiday inn without you spoiling it for me, google.  an astounding run.  the king is dead!  long live the queen!