this week i

stumbled upon some avian flu vectors in a city park, still classier than pigeons.
opened my home to a political science graduate from berlin. he locked up some interviews, booked a flight, arranged some couches to surf, landed in dc, and - at interview #1 - was offered the internship in renewable-energy he'd wanted. he'll be moving here permanently soon. glad to have helped in some small way.

sent in my adopt-a-family application. i used to volunteer about five weekly hours of programming to icg, but a friend convinced me to leave the technical skills at work and spend time on the front lines.

monster truck rallied. we dressed the part..

..watched superman hit a kryptonite curb.

..gasped at death defied. our money's worth.

witnessed my first rap jazz band.

ice skated to work, i've got some choice words for the opm decisionmakers.

changed my mind: the best song at last week's inauguration concert.