this week i

rifled through scholarly reaction to the occupation, conor gearty's solution the most practical. also viewed waltz with bashir: the novelty of serious cartoon war failed to compensate for lack of a take-home message, imho.

♥ ny...

talked about urban policy with a good friend who works at nyu's furman center. always more fun to vent about the entrenchment of sas in the data-crunching world over a cube of portobello mousse.
she's pessimistic that any publicly-available data sets might allow us to draw conclusions about the relationship between health status and home foreclosure in the elderly population, since agencies don't record age. i'm still hopeful that the mortgage crisis release of the hrs will yield something, but the clock is ticking.

caught up with someone i hadn't seen in far, far too long. we toured her exhibit in chelsea and scoured chinatown for contraband turtles, but mostly just spent thirty-six hours together laughing about old times. my favorite of her recent work -

left my hair in nyc, next time i'll consider donating.

bought my father some ginger candy, ate half the package before delivery.

was not fooled by the calorie-cloaking technique of dividing one beverage into 2.5 servings.