this week i

captured an oberlin albino squirrel in view of the white house. must be our alumnus mayor fenty's good work.
pooled three years of meps data, compared chronic condition prevalence and access measures in the working-age uninsured to those with public or private coverage by poverty level, watched some of it end up in senate finance testimony.

saw barack obama picking his daughter up from a dance recital (rear window after zoom-in). talk about an intrusive press, i can't believe this article exists..

..and yes, there's a big difference between electronically telling your friends that you were in a crowd waving to the president, and publishing obama's every waking step on a news site like huffington, csmonitor, or the post. decided to reduce my news consumption to ft, nybooks, lrbooks, a lot less bullshit.

think this proves arlen specter the true maverick.

know the feeling.

couldn't shake assateague...
(horse @ u & 14th)

(urban smores @ cosi bethesda)