this week i

ventured to virginia for the washington shakespeare company's tennessee williams' small craft warnings. $80 for season tickets might be a good deal.

had a nightmare. and another. max baucus was also in my dream on tuesday night, too much c-span.

feasted on four courses in the home of some friends. the chef documented the deliciousness on his blog.

finally understood the insanity of our financial sector.

calculated percent of poverty for individuals in meps. the downloadable main data file already contains a categorical variable (1 = below 100, 2 = 100-124, 3 = 125-199, 4 = 200-399, 5 = 400+), but much of the health reform debate centers around those below 150% of poverty. now we've got a precise linear variable, in case you were interested. it's a lot of fun.

guarded my optimism.

toured the luxembourgian, romanian, british, spanish, latvian..


..and swedish..

..embassies during dc's eu embassy open house day.

saw where some of my work data is born.

ducked into the house of worship closest to my home. the chandelier beats church stained glass. but kiddo (zoom in), mecca's thataway.

caught national geographic's visceral lions & leopards exhibit.

attempted harmonica repair. no luck.