this week i

worked all day saturday, the most productive day to be in the office. we're preparing a brief on which industries and workers would be most affected if the final health reform bill allows insurance premiums to vary based on characteristics like smoking or obesity.

like this article on problem solving-based higher education, believe schools of public health are a good start.

found our work on health care spending as a proportion of total budget quoted in this metlife brochure. cool, i guess.

wonder how the world will react to climate change refugees. also love that geographical swine flu data is available for download.

picnicked, then diana krall. thank you wolftrap. see you next month at joe cocker.

found jazz in the sculpture garden more crowded and with more kids than ever.

felt bad about laughing at this bear on a trampoline. also conflicted about these.
took in artomatic's peep show..

duck duck goose, chicken & egg, etc.

..and the inevitable prisoner-clothing wine spill.

brunched at madras palace. at oberlin, we used to spend sunday mornings stuffing ourselves with naan. may have found the dc metro area replacement.

sat in backyard sofas, watched the hunt for red october projected..
..onto a bedsheet hung against the side of a beautiful crummy old house. fantastic.

read jack london's call of the wild. to build a fire is better.