this week i

identified the original mrs. butterworth.

configured an excel program to show the percent of income that individuals at different poverty levels would pay, complete with a scroll bar that changed with a person's age. the final result looked a lot like a google motion chart, but their inputs demanded the scroll bar be a date. excel 2003: the most valuable piece of software in the history of mankind.

have never been to spain stuck in my head.

want to see michelle more. how about civil liberties? cherie blair did it.

helped repair my father's antique dining room table.

found an articulate explanation of why the public option shouldn't be a distraction.

don't understand why they even bother making the non-orange tic-tacs.

was inspired by that immaculate santa barbara avocado..

and hosted a sushi dinner on my roof, scheduling thanks to doodle.
we had planned to make it more iron chef-like, but got too hungry.
also, nine perfect avocados mean everyone's a winner.

didn't waste the leftovers. better with honey.

don't know if the new 'competitive sushi chef' bullet point really belongs on my resume. also: don't care.