this week i

renewed my contract with kff. i requested the title, "unrequited lover of data". we compromised on "statistical analyst". equally excited.

dropped off two passport photos and $112 at the italian embassy. the bureaucrats made fun of my not knowing my height in centimeters, then scolded me for not using the apostrophe between the d and the a in my last name. citizenship in a month?

spent the weekend at rehoboth beach with my father and a few of his friends. one works at the casey foundation; her office has become concerned about over-medication among foster children. i did some preliminary digging in meps and found an outrageous difference in their rate of psychotropic drug prescriptions as compared to all other children. hopefully they'll contract with an academic who has the full medicaid claims database and get this in stone. a big fucking deal.

involuntarily weaned myself off gmail's text messaging service.

want a secret bookshelf-door like this.

don't know what i think about theodore roosevelt's 1912 election loss after campaigning for national health insurance. pnhp, here's your spokesperson. equally crazy: the electoral map. also watched the fugitive (projected onto that bedsheet strapped against the side of that house), surprised to spot roland burris, more surprised to realize the plot is actually a screed against the pharmaceutical industry.

firmly believe that the internet will go down in history as the most potent vaccination against war and injustice in human history. good job, nerds.

give the neck pouch an f. i'd always traveled with an undergarment money belt, and while the pouch reduces sweat, it's visible under a t-shirt. f minus. not sure whether to try the leg stash or the belt stash.

can't believe i gave four years of my life to rural ohio. caught up with an old oberlin friend at sei: overpriced sushi + beer. the after-dinner dunkin' donut: worth every penny.

nominate suzie q for undisputed greatest song ever in the history of the universe (of the week). ccr also does a mean heard it through the grapevine, unsure whether i prefer their version or glady knight's.

enjoyed chronicle of a death foretold.

"the pursuit of love is like falconry"

"love can be learned too"

"i didn't want to be blessed by a man who cut off only the combs for soup and threw the rest of the rooster into the garbage."

"we killed him openly, but we're innocent."

"that day, i realized just how alone we women are in the world."

"she taught us above all that there's no place in life sadder than an empty bed."

"who the fuck would ever think that the twins would kill anyone, much less with a pig knife."

"fatality makes us invisible."

uploaded some old recordings: blues (3 min) / classical (2 min) / saints (5 min, video).. and the night we elected obama. video title "you know it's a party when: riot police whistle to the beat." 14th & u st, november 5th, 2008 1:30 a.m.