this week i

sat on the wolftrap lawn for joe cocker on wednesday, an unparalleled live performer.

paid nothing to see the northern kentucky brotherhood singers at the kennedy center on thursday.

artscaped on friday.
flashy cars

cop magnets

mica students or terps

dr. strangelove props

pledge to incorporate 'skulduggery' into my vocabulary. also this:

rollercoastered on saturday..

..not sure if six flags is going bankrupt due to..
business-casual janitors

front seat-filling inefficiencies

poor timing

or just trying too hard

..anyway, we had this much fun.

believe "one should never commit oneself until one is amazed at one's luck." - iris murdoch

cooked some vacce's gnocchi.

read the americanization of benjamin franklin, the last founding father to support our revolution..

"converts to a belief tended to be more zealous than those bred up in it."

"hereditary legislators," he exclaimed. they were not fit "to govern a heard of swine."