this week i

finished & submitted my "using meps in r" article to the r journal.

noticed junichiro koizumi's party lost an election. he's still the best looking man on earth. and yes, that's the hair i'm going for.

checked out phillips after five. we paid the $12 admission and promptly ate $15 worth of cheese from the free light fare buffet.
prepared for friday night's redskins game with a special request at the museum's henna table. initially refused by the artist, my cursory knowledge of hindi apparently changed her mind. mein redskins logo temporary tattoo zaruri hai.

loved the mussels at agraria..

..everyone else had the chocolate-covered bacon.. heart attack at a time, please.

tailgated, laughed, cried at the redskins game. a 27-24 loss will do this to you when the score differential never exceeds seven..

..even if one pass costs fourteen.

celebrated huseyin's acceptance into the lse phd program in pharmaceutical policy by buying five dozen crabs at the maine ave market and acting real mature..

maybe the brits will teach him some manners

congratulations bud, now wipe that old bay off your face

attended the free virgin mobile concert..

..a parasailing, jetpack-wearing richard branson makes a party a party.

ate home-cooked bhutanese food with some friends.

cleaned the damn pond. surprised the raccoons haven't eaten these guys.