this week i

returned to asia after dark, then discovered a fantastic salvadorean hole-in-the-wall.

love max baucus. but not just this week.

would like to thank whichever good lord has kept airplanes cellphone-free.

noticed that multi-tasking has permeated our culture's youths' conversation. three kids will average two speakers at any given time. psychobabble.

rooted for google (1) (2).

failed to acquire peyote seeds.

flew to arizona state..

..visited my architect cowboy friend and my astrobiologist cowboy friend.

learned the ways of the cowboy..

cowboy cacti, cowboy hitching posts

cowboy contests re: who could smile the most

cowboy oases

cowboy morning faces

cowboy keyless entry into cowboy places

cowboy lack of gravity needs

cowboys flying on invisible steeds

cowboy bathroom for sale things

cowboy structural engineerings

cowboy streams

cowboy (chinese-mexican) cuisines

then serious cowpoking dental hygienes

cowboy tombs

and cowboy homes

but no need for no cowboy combs

the sport of the cowboy a pastime divine

for what other rancher can herd the feline

cowboy thunderstorm mountain climbs

cowboy vertigo, dramamine next time.

cowboy sunrises with cool cowboy breeze

cowboy shouts to our solar system: "say cheese!"

prickly pear jam with all cowboy breakfasts

and five dollar cowboy sobriety tests

cowboy fashion might not demand suits

but warning to those who forgo cowboy boots

cowboy dreams

cowboy teams

and cowboys who've up and run out of steam

oh the land of the cowboy may knock off your socks.
never would've guessed it, but phoenix fucking rocks.

shipped off about ten books for paperbackswap. you should try it out.

read the thief at the end of the world.

"god is great, but the forest is greater." - amazonian proverb

"the yanomami..had no concept of natural death, attributing it instead to black magic - which had to be avenged."

"the story of how one man..pulled off one of the most successful and far-reaching acts of biological piracy in world history."

"from 1850 to 1913, the amazon valley had been the world's single source of high-quality 1900, the region produced 95 percent of the world's rubber. by 1928..barely 2.3 percent."

"thirty-four years after henry's theft, the british rubber grown in the far east from henry's seeds would flood the world market, collapsing the amazon economy in a single year."

sketch of a rubber tree being tapped

a rubber tree with tappers' scars