this week i

may or may not have flown to barcelona to co-teach the data component of problem solving in public health.
sort of went through the e.u. citizen line at french immigration.
arrived at kind of an amazing apartment with kind of an amazing view.

missed halloween this year, but found my headgear for next.

think you should wait till it hits the ground.

got the feeling that spanish religious sites were more an architecture thing than a god thing.


freshmade churros

..dark chocolate-smothered

menus del dia

the ingenious bacon sandwich

ham-infused everything

gazpacho impermeable by olive oil..

..but reinforcements on the way

a little of this

a little of that

okay a lot of that

sea creatures weren't 'off the hook' either.

distinguished regular spanish tourists..

..from american ones quite easily.

recommend a city motto, 'even the prisons are charming.'

ventured north to girona. just like venice without the gondolier assholes..

god's apartment, top center

accidentally arrived on market day..

..with jungle soundtrack..

decent scenery

wandering minstrels

mid-market blacksmithing

unidentifiable scents

caught the carnival too, with..
veteran-insensitive fireworks

oohs. aahs.

nothing to see here

come one come all only five euros to hold this crappy balloon and get sprayed by a firehose by a teenager dressed in a ratty yet creepy bart simpson mask

turned south to sitges.

nearest competitor: medieval hawaii.

don't miss the downhill skateboarder-dogsled-biker trios.

deciphered the catalan language. first add cedilla-hooks to every c..

..convert all 'dad's to 'tat's..

..throw in some x's where ch used to live.. and you're fluent.

my rosetta stone.


sangria.. canned

and for distant lovers .. maybe one has a cold or something.

$1,000 laptops sell better if you print your own microsoft® shop-window art.

pac man-themed cafes

pepto-bismol teas

ivy league gardening

apparently construction workers often get mistakenly shot by deer hunters here

'drink responsibly'? this kept me awake for a month.

america's turn to wake up

believe every spaniard a charicature of him or herself..

tom sellicko.

g.i. jane w/ mullet + bloodthirsty canine

no american equivalent

santa baby

pavarotti was italian nice try.

balloon lifespans.. birth


..& all balloons go to heaven.

moorish-influenced cathedrals

casket-carrying lions somewhat less fierce than the savannah-dwelling, hyena-shredding variety

also lacking ferociousness: spigot-tongued lion-fountains

endless subway trains

vandals considerate enough to lay off the 800 year old stonework

backpacks no one would ever want to wear

slightly outdated signage

smoking + dogs in bars

booksellers lacking indexing skills

seriously what the hell

is the noodle really necessary

literal translation: 'i am an egg donor'
spirit of translation: 'i am spartacus'

impractical global warming solutions, possible ulterior motive.

long after america banned joe camel, spain still allows direct-to-kiddie go-kart ride advertising (zoom-in).

keg stands

quick. dial 9-1-fun.

and honey grab the strollers 'n' cigarettes, the carnival's in town and i want to win some prizes.