this week i

lectured about public health data sources for non-statisticians in front of more than 50 mid-career public health professionals getting their mph part-time. in barcelona. presentations of / and elicited the most interest, but you can download my full list of public health data sources. i'd appreciate any additions..

provided public health database advice during the course's groupwork and final project sessions.

compared current population survey standard error estimates using the algebraic method to their new replicate weights (fay's) method.

recommend ninite for a fresh windows installation. automatically downloads and installs all of the common applications. alternative allmyapps comes recommended by lifehacker as well.

learned 'florida' is spanish for 'flowery'.

think secret knock detection beats iris-scanning any day.

dropped by the market.

would've been more upset about missing american oct. 31st if every day weren't halloween on la rambla.

bade hasta luego barcelona.