this week i

was wowed by bela fleck, victor wooten, et. al. at strathmore. the world's best.

fought off a cold with about thirty cloves of garlic. feel like shit or smell like a neapolitan sweatshop? easy decision.

spent the weekend organizing medically underserved area data for analysis.

got approval+funding to begin working on chronic condition & co-morbidity costs using medicare's 5% sample.

examined insurance coverage fluctuations over twenty-four months among insured americans, uninsured americans, medicaid beneficiaries, and then all of the above by poverty level.

saw milton nascimento at the birchmere..

..after the show we snuck backstage..

..after all, how often do you get to hang out with a brazilian pop megastar slash new best friend?

found an unpretentious happy hour spot.

loved caribbean-styled much ado about nothing at the folger theatre.

ate a great dinner and a greater slice of pumpkin cheesecake at mari's, candied ginger on top.

have been cleared to enter syria. also booked a flight to visit turkish cyprus before entering palestine.

would love to read research that quantifies the cost of trust within our society. this goes beyond 'what percent of gdp do we spend on locks, guards, cameras - the security industry?'...
  • how much time and gas could we save if hitchhiking weren't dangerous?
  • how many minutes of our own productivity do we lose over a year by typing our password at our desk every morning?
  • how many hours of legal work could we skip if businesses could safely assume that the other party wouldn't intentionally violate a contract?
  • what percent of each credit card transaction do we pay for theft-protection (as opposed to convenience)?