this week i

warn you this post contains very graphic images/video of sheep death, preparation, consumption for the muslim festival celebrating abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son. if you can't stand the sight of blood, please do not continue reading.

like this mopping technique.

saw ahmadinejad's caravan. no shit.

wondered why downtown dakar looked like the world's largest petting zoo..

some sheep wanted other sheep dead

humans were happy to oblige

concluded my senegal odyssey on sacrifice fest day. think halloween trick-or-treating but with more formalwear and for chunks of mutton instead of candy..

step one: position a living sheep's throat over the nearest gutter. this works better if other family members snap pictures on their nokia mobile phones while you're feeling for the jugular.

step two: demand all bystandards take at least thirty pictures of you while draining your newly-dead livestock. hint: pepper the sheep blood with a hint of dog drool for an extra tang.

step three: drag the carcass through the neighborhood, shirts very optional.

step four: put on your finest dress and clean the fucking puddles of blood and gore out of the fucking sewer.

step five: start hacking, cooking..

step six: eat. share. repeat. by the way, that dog's name? bush.

step seven: when a group of adolescent females begin singing, dancing, clapping in the alley outside of your house, grab a severed sheepskull and scare the hell out of them. proceed to walk proudly into the sunset with said sheepskull in your grasp, and the rest of the sheep in your belly.