this week i

published this issue brief to quantitatively explain the quality ratings that seniors rely on to choose a privatized medicare plan (medicare advantage) instead of traditional medicare. notice the difference between for-profit and non-profit.

published my sushi recipes on george's vegetarian cooking blog. notice my guest-blogger alias.

installed r's graphical user interface rkward on my windows 7 machine. intellisense. autocomplete. looking good so far.

helped danielle analyze uterine fibroid diagnoses and treatment in eight million records of national inpatient sample data.

like this r graphical manual, organized by visualization type rather than package.

brought my own beer to an evening of jazz at hr57.

enjoyed the all-you-can-eat "desserts from around the world" table at the phillips after five with geir.

saw the temptations and the four tops at strathmore. actually, since only one out of each original group is still alive, i suppose i just saw a temptation and a top. mark noted that since a second member of the four tops was the son of an original member, that counted for half a top. the coasters still my favorite doo wop.