this week i

re-wrote our medically underserved area research plan to study health professional shortage areas instead. hrsa claims the data are more reliable.

think that the onion will always be america's finest news source (1) (2).

had an appointment with a physical therapist re: wrist pain. she pulled out a protractor - my hands can stretch 25 degrees further than the average person's. i've been instructed to wear wrist braces forever and always. beginning to sympathize with lampshade dogs.

have been reading this blog written by an american roman catholic priest & orphanage director in southwestern haiti for a long time now; his current posts are worth paying attention to.

migrated to google voice. solves the problem of having both a home and work number.

watched y tu mama tambien: fantastic storytelling. also avatar 3d: an eye-candy mishmash retelling of pocahontas, the matrix, and david v. goliath.

received my canon powershot g11. snapped the first thing in sight.